A Bicycle Built For Two



Two men were riding a bicycle built for two when they came to a big steep hill. It took a great deal of struggle for the men to complete what proved to be a very stiff climb. When they got to the top the man in front turned to the other and said, “Boy, that sure was a hard climb.” The fellow in the back replied, “Yes, and if I hadn’t kept the brakes on all the way we would certainly have rolled down backwards.”

Do you ever feel this way at work, school or somewhere else? You may feel life just seems to be working against you, no matter how hard you try. You continue with all your might to go forwards but others it seems are dragging you continuously backwards. At times, it may even seem unfair that you are required to do the heavy lifting with friends or family, but you modestly keep those thoughts to yourself.

You may feel others get the easy ride in life, the back seat with fewer worries. Everything it seems, works out for them, no matter what. Life comes with few price tags and little else to do but enjoy life for those just coasting.

Wouldn’t it be great if everything was equal in life, everybody pulled their weight and everyone was on the same page? But, that isn’t how it works in life, because God challenges his people. God’s people are the ones that are different; the rest of the world is on the same ride, all heading downhill with no brakes. He puts his people in the front seat of the bike to build strength of character and leadership, even to show the way for the others. Those on the back may try and hold God’s people back from his holy mountain, but God will give his people the power to overcome all obstacles. Rejoice in your trials, when satan is trying to thwart your forward momentum. It means you’re on the right road and the finish line is not too far ahead.



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