A Moral People


Aristotle once wrote, ‘Moral excellence comes about as a result of habit. We become just by doing just acts, temperate by doing temperate acts, brave by doing brave acts.”
We can’t be a moral person without practicing morality, it isn’t something we can drink, smoke, or get from a magazine. For most, morality comes with a strong belief in God and the bible. Its basis is on how to do good to your other people and gives us guidelines. Using those guidelines everyday makes a moral person.
Morals have to be recognized within ones self-however. How can you be a moral person if you don’t understand what morals are? How do you know you aren’t supposed to steal if you don’t understand why? Or committing murder, honoring parents, or any other commandment from God. There is a movie called the, “Time Chasers,” that explores this very issue and shows very eloquently the flaw in believing, you can have morality without God.
God tells us to practice keeping his will, and this in turn, makes a moral person. Just doing good, only makes you a good person, not a moral one. One must have principles, ethics, and standard of living beyond reproach. This nation is full of good people, but unfortunately, shy on moral folks. With morals comes the love of God, that is the one ingredient missing from everything else. Love of God brings about the desire to do right and the willingness to practice God’s will.
How can that change? How can we become a moral people again? It begins with each person and a need to change. We each must put into place within our own lives ethics, standards, and principles that are Godly driven and inspired. And, as Aristotle said, we must do them everyday, and every chance we get. We then may understand the importance of being a moral people.


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