Person of the Year



It seems everyone in the entertainment or news business these days gets to have a man or women of the year. They pick celebrities or high profile folks they admire. Most often it someone we don’t agree with on a personal level and a lot of the times, folks we in fly over country never heard of.

In many case, you have to ask yourself, why him or her, what is it they did that was so great? Aren’t honors such as these supposed to be reserved for people that truly do exhibit great leadership and stand out among their piers? But we see honors going to those that contribute the most money to the causes held dearly by the award givers, not because they are special in any other way.

Their awards make headline news in all the major newscast and front pages of major newspapers totting their lifetime of achievements. Don’t get me wrong, they have a right to their opinions and who they give awards. But, I have an opinion as well; I would like to pronounce, my person of the year. I know it won’t be in all the major news outlets, Fox news won’t announce it, nor will any other channel. Nonetheless, my selection is based upon worthiness not how much money they donated to certain causes.

It’s actually two candidates, the first is all the men and women who have served in our armed forces and come home wounded. These folks don’t receive hardly any recognition for their sacrifice. They donated life and limbs for the cause of liberty and freedom for the rest of this country and we rarely mention them. They are my pick for man or woman of the year, and not just this year, but every year. I know my next pick won’t make the covers of Time magazine but Jesus Christ makes my list. It’s because his sacrifice meant so much to the world we have a country like this where we can have freedom of religion.

You may have figured out the two picks are tied together for the benefit of us all. The solider fights for the principles of the constitution which are based on the laws of God, which were written by the finger of Christ and given to the people. Both were willing to give everything for folks they never knew. Ones sacrifice gives us all a better life on this earth; the other gives us eternal life. My picks won’t be popular around many places these days, but they are my picks, my reasons, what are your picks?


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