The Right Answer



            A man was at the bakery and as the cashier was ringing up his sale he joked, “do you guarantee these don’t have any calories?” Straight faced’ the clerk responded, “Absolutely no calories.” “You know where you’ll go if you lie like that?” the man teased. “Yes,” said the cashier, “”to congress.”

            The vast majority of us won’t wind up in Congress if we go about our daily lives lying, but we certainly can and will loose the respect of those around us. Neither will we wind up going to hell in the preverbal sense, seeing that’s a myth. But, we may wind up creating a hell on earth for ourselves. No one wants to deal with someone who is notorious for untruthfulness.

            With the scandals rocking the current administration on an almost daily basis, we are left to wonder just how much trust we have left to invest. We are asked to trust folks who seem to give little thought to giving false answers to straightforward questions. It’s worrisome when you consider the ramifications of the results for us all in the months and years ahead.

            God gave the guidelines he did for us to be able to live side-by-side with one another. In the past, cultures excluded folks from being acceptable leaders in society if they were known to be liars. We aren’t supposed to advance someone because he or she can give a better political answer than someone else. A political answer is just a lie wrapped in verbiage made to look good. We expect more from our leaders, friends and family members than dishonesty.

            Stop and consider, will God accept a political answer when we stand in front of him and he asks, “Why?”  You better have a good answer, the right answer, and you better not try and blame lying on anyone, but yourself.


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