I opened the mailbox yesterday to find we had received a free vacation in the Caribbean. I was overjoyed as I read on and discovered they were going to give us a thousand dollars spending money as well. As I continued to read I became heartbroken to read I had to buy a car from them to receive this free gift.

I went back to the house decided to read my e-mails and there was a message stating I was a Grand Prize Winner of a million dollars, WOW!

I was excited beyond belief; all my trials and troubles have finally come to an end. As I read on I became concerned, it seems to collect my winnings, I had to send them a thousand dollars. I guess if I went and bought the new car and collected the thousand dollars there, I could use that thousand to collect the million dollars. My mind was swirling like a water vortex, what can I do?

            It only got worse form there, about that time the phone rang, the person on the other end informed me I was eligible for a free lifetime healthcare, WOW again, that couldn’t have come at a better time. I was about to need some really good mental health from all the excitement. The voice on the other end continued to explain all I had to do to receive the gift; I was sign up for their life insurance policy. You guessed it, the insurance was outrageously expensive and I had to be in perfect health to qualify.

            At this point I was furious, I was stamping my feet and whaling my arms and shouting, “Is there nothing really free when they say free!” All of a sudden, it hit me like a ton of bricks. I could hear my Fathers words ringing in my ears, “Son, there is nothing truly free in life, except salvation.” I was exhausted but relieved at this point, a calm came over my mind and the revelation that even salvation wasn’t free. It cost the life and blood of our savior; he paid for our sins with his precious blood. So, nothing is free, nothing at all. There will always be scams, tricks, and enticements to lure us into believing, we are getting something for nothing. Everything comes with a price, the question becomes; can we afford the cost? Now, if I can only find those free movie tickets I won on the radio.


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