Do You Know Who I Am?


There is a story that goes around the Internet about Jane Fonda and Ted Turner going to a steak house to eat in Montana. The story goes, there was a packed house on a Friday night and as a result, forty-five minute wait to be seated. In came Ted and Jane for a meal and not wanting to wait like everyone else proceeded to ask the staff, “Do you know who I am?” This continued without making an impression on the staff who continued to insist they wait like everyone else. As reported, they asked for the manager but got the owner of the establishment and continued to ask the same question expecting better results, “Do you know who we are?” His reply was, “Yes, I do,” and he went on to say, “I’m a Vietnam veteran and not only will you not be eating in front of my friends and neighbors, but you’ll not ever eat at my restaurant, period.”
Snoops says this story is false, but it does serve to illustrate an attitude that is pervasive throughout this world. Recognition from others drives our egos to the point we forget who we really are. No one’s perfect, but there’s no lacking of folks who’ll give you the impression they are flawless. Most of us have seen this very thing happen in restaurants; some reading this, may have even participated in the, “Do you know who I am,” game. If we’re really truthful, it feels good to have others accommodate us simply because, we are us.
Depending on who you really are in life, this game will often work in your favor. Yes, you’ll get the accolades and the atta-boys until one day; it all will end with your last breathe. No more front of lines, no more yes sirs, its just plain judgment day for you. And, if you think you will stand in front of Christ and ask, “Do you know who I am,” expecting to get the kind of response your use to. You may have different question thrown at you from the being that created the universe, “Do you know who I am.” If you say, “Yes, I do,” Christ last question to you may be, “If you knew me; then, why didn’t you keep my commandments,” hmmm?


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