Greetings:               Robertson McQuikin, former esteemed president of ColumbiaInternationalUniversity in Columbia, South Carolina, once drove an elderly friend on an errand. She moved slowly and painfully, being crippled with arthritis.             “Robertson,” she asked as they drove along, “why does God let us grow old and weak? Why must we hurt so?”                        “I’m… Read More Temporary


Greetings: Do you know whose biography the following belongs to? Had a difficult childhood Less than one year formal schooling Failed in business in 1831 Defeated for the legislature, ‘32 Again failed in business, ‘33 Elected to the legislature, ‘34 Fiancée died, ‘35 Defeated for speaker, ‘38 Defeated for Elector, ‘40 Married, wife a burden,… Read More Lincoln

Oak or Squash

Greetings:               Before James Garfield became President of the United   States, he was principal of HiramCollege in Ohio. A father once asked him if a particular course of study couldn’t be simplified so that his son could go through by a shorter route.             “Certainly,” replied Garfield. “But it all depends upon what… Read More Oak or Squash


Greetings:               It is said, If God were to apply for tenure at any university, he would most likely be turned down for the following reasons: He had only one major publication, and it was in Hebrew; it contained no references to other works; it wasn’t published in a referred journal; some doubt was… Read More Tenure


Greetings:                 There was a Politician on a TV news program that said he was dumbfounded by the actions of the IRS (Internal Revenue Service). On the eve of the 4th of July, with celebrations occurring all over this nation commemorating the independence of this nation, I too find it dumbfounding. I also… Read More Dumbfounded