There was a Politician on a TV news program that said he was dumbfounded by the actions of the IRS (Internal Revenue Service). On the eve of the 4th of July, with celebrations occurring all over this nation commemorating the independence of this nation, I too find it dumbfounding. I also find dumbfounding the action of the Department of Justice in its actions against journalist. Equally dumbfounding is obfuscation and cover-ups on the Benghazi tragedy where four Americans were needlessly killed. Don’t forget just how dumbfounding it is when an arm of our government seeks to monitor every conversation in our nation via Internet and phone.

            Yes, it’s dumbfounding, and our founders would use other words to describe the extent our government is progressing towards totalitarianism. We’re constantly overwhelmed with sarcastic innuendos about being Christian or conservative at a time when liberalism has brought nothing but divisiveness, turmoil, and finical upheaval.

To the greater extent, we as a people deserve God given rights our forefathers fought so hard to achieve. At their peril and personnel liberty they stood against establishments of self-serving governments in honest expectations of a free people living within the secure boarders of a free nation.

            Yes, they too would find it dumbfounding to see religion ostracized and God banned from books used to teach young malleable minds. They would never concede to the notion God must be separate from government, schools, or public functions. They would tear down the ideas of progressives using the very book hated by this cult, the Bible. The founders of this nation embraced God, called upon his grace to free this land, forging a way from tyranny by the constitution.

            Dumbfounding is the word that fits most suitably for the system of government we have today. It’s also the word for the religious leadership of today for not standing in the gap between God and man. Today we have been let down by both Government and man, we are left standing only with the faith we each can muster. God said faith the size of a mustard seed was enough to see his work accomplished. When he returns and sets this world right again, all the naysayers and atheists will simply be dumfounded.

Have a happy Fourth of July and be safe.

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