Our Well



Here on the Harmon Ranch, (5 Acres) we have a water well. It has supplied our water needs for many years and we hope for many more years on into the future. Our well as you can imagine is a tremendous blessing from our lord; without it, we would have to rely upon the very expensive water company in our area.

We use our water well for all the daily chores most folks use water for. We water the garden to help bring forth nourishing vegetables; we water the flowers for their beauty and décor. The fruit trees receive their fair supply, as well as the mint, sage, and figs. The grass flourishes under the droplets pumped from the depths of the earth.

We clean our home and dishes; we scrub the floors and wash the windows, all because we have water from our well. Daily, we clean ourselves in the water given by God to maintain our health and hygiene. We drink the water just as the plants and animals around us do to keep us alive.

We do all these things because we have a well that supplies us with water. But, we have one problem with our well; it is a shallow well and has a limited reserve. If we water the yard for thirty minutes it pumps dry and we have to wait for a few minutes for it to recover. It recovers fairly fast but it’s a reminder we have limits.

As I thought about the limits on the well, it occurred to me God works much in the same way. God isn’t limited in any way, but he sets the limits for man. God is our well supplying each of us with what we need daily. He gives his spirit for knowledge and wisdom to help us see through the mist of deception. Christ word is the water that allows us to grow in his grace and love. We are made clean by the living waters of Christ; we are made into a new creature by thundering power of his will. Christ sacrifice was the life-giving substance needed for new life to flourish into eternity.

We’re given what we need when we need it, not all at once so as we might drown in our own pride. Too much water all at once becomes a waste, so we have to be frugal and vigilante in order to apply it perfectly. God gives us the perfect amount every time; all we need to do is seek the water he has to offer. What a blessing it is to have a well; what a blessing it is to have a savior.



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