A man was driving home from work was stopped by a traffic cop. He was told that he failed to come to a full stop at a stop sign, and was handed a ticket. “Don’t I get a warning?” he protested. The officer replied, “Sure, here’s your warning: If you don’t come to a complete stop next time, I’ll give you another ticket.”

Warnings come in all kinds of different ways and rarely the way we anticipate. Just as in the illustration we expect certain warnings to occur but don’t, we experience the opposite effect. We’re usually caught off-guard, not prepared for the consequences, whatever they may be.

Take our health; our bodies signal warning all the time how our bodies are doing. Some things scream warnings like, extreme obesity, too much exposure to the sun, just to mention a couple of obvious physical conditions.

Too much drinking alcohol goes without saying. One might get a warning each time they walk into a pole or fall to the ground. Drugs are the same but much worse because folks ignore the fact they are unlawful. Even the warnings about how addictive these can be don’t stop many for testing their limits.

Smoking cigarettes has its own issues, the government has mandated there must be warnings of cancer stamped all over the packs, but it seems, this has little affect on the decision to smoke. We can print it on billboards, cigarette packs, put the effects of smoking in magazines, we can do this and much more, but the warnings will continue to go unheeded.

We see warnings at summer pools, grocery stores, service stations, and yes, even churches. Warnings are there for a purpose, which is to keep us safe from us. Heeding warnings could save our lives; ignoring them could end our existence in a split second.

You should ask yourself if you’re a Christian, “Why don’t folks heed the warnings in the bible given by Christ and the prophets?”  The warnings are there for a purpose, just like any other warning. Is it because we don’t experience a spiritual life in this physical world, we tend to ignore biblical warnings? What’s worse, most folks don’t realize there are warnings to prepare us an approaching end-time in the bible. They are there, just like “Wet floor” signs at Walmart. Christ will return when all the warnings are fulfilled. The question is, do you know what those warnings are? You should, they are there to save YOUR life!



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