The Bee That Bugged Me



            Driving down the road a while back, I encountered a pesky but determined bee within my car. Like so many other flying pest before this one, I had no idea how it managed to find entrance into my tightly enclosed car. There is nothing more distracting while driving then a flying insect buzzing about, except maybe a rendition of the star-spangled banner sung by Rosanne Barr.

            As I was soaring ahead, I began to battle the miniature terrorist by swatting vigorously with my hand. I hit the inside the windshield with several hard thumps, and the side panels with the back of my hand to no benefit. Thrashing about trying to dispose of the nuisance nearly caused me to run off the road on a couple of occasions; so, I composed myself and continued down the road.

            I then decided to just ignore the irritating bug, hoping it would soon settle down. The bug was unimpressed with my new tactics.  The bee seemed to have gained a new resolve and began a full on frontal attack. As it paused for rest upon the side windows, I began a campaign to flush the winged warrior from the auto. Sneakily, while he sat on the window, I pushed the down button to the window, exposing the bee to seventy mile an hour blast of winds. The strategy had the opposite affect; the bee went flying across the car onto the closed window. So, I lowered both front side windows, and the bee soared to the rear of the car where he stayed until I reached my destination.

            The bee that bugged me taught me an important lesson about life. There will always be bee’s that bug you, no matter where you are. They come in all sizes and shapes, sometimes they are bugs, but most often the things that bug us the most are the people around us. No matter how hard you try, you can’t be rid of annoying people easily. You can develop ways to avoid them, ignore them, even hide from them, but they will always return buzzing about your life.

            Our savior instructed us on patience and compassion with those that can be a nuisance in our lives; we are to love them as a brother or sister. Christ had a lot of annoying types buzzing around him, and he did the one thing most of us wouldn’t do, he died for them. Remember Christ sacrifice the next time someone is bothering you; and maybe that bee will be a reminder instead of a bother.


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