Do you know whose biography the following belongs to?

Had a difficult childhood

Less than one year formal schooling

Failed in business in 1831

Defeated for the legislature, ‘32

Again failed in business, ‘33

Elected to the legislature, ‘34

Fiancée died, ‘35

Defeated for speaker, ‘38

Defeated for Elector, ‘40

Married, wife a burden, ‘42

Only one of his four sons lived past the age 18

Defeated for Congress, ‘43

Elected to Congress, ‘46

Defeated for Congress, ‘48

Defeated for Senate, ‘55

Defeated for Vice-President, ‘56

Defeated for Senate, ‘58

Elected President, ‘60

What if our life mirrored Abraham Lincolns in today’s world? At the first sign of problems in our lives, many are ready to throw in the towel and give up. In today’s society we are convinced we must succeed by any cost or we’re doomed to be marked as failures.

When Thomas Edison was asked how many times he failed at creating the light bulb, his answer was, “I have not failed. I have found 10,000 ways it won’t work.” It’s a perspective we’ve seemed to have lost, because most would say, he failed 9,999 times.

Even some view Jesus Christ mission on this earth as a failure, because he didn’t fulfill their expectations as the conquering king. Christ succeeded in many ways unknown to the main-stream bible believing world of today.

We are blessed because many great men learned to overcome their perceived failure, no giving up when it looked as though it was useless. We are blessed by the teachings of Christ, who’s given the world new life by his sacrifice. Whether we fail or succeed in life is our choice, because we will never be failures if we choose to believe we can succeed. We have until our last breath in this life to make a difference, but we can’t give up before we’ve even started, no matter the challenges.

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