Greetings:               When Fiorello La Guardia was mayor of New York City (1933-1945), he hung above his desk in City Hall a pronouncement by Abraham Lincoln. Interestingly, General MacArthur had a copy of it hanging over his headquarters desk during World War II, and Winston Churchill had a framed copy of it on the… Read More Endeavors


Greetings:               In 1971 John Lennon, formerly of the band called The Beatles, wrote and preformed the memorable song, Imagine. It became a number one hit selling millions of copies around the world in just a few short months. It also has become one of the 100 most preformed songs of the 20th century.… Read More Imagine


Greetings: A man once complained to the minister following church, “I don’t like the hymns you chose today.” “That’s okay,” came the reply. “We weren’t singing them to you.” Singing seems to always bring out the best in most folks, even if they aren’t doing the actual singing. A song brings joy to the heart… Read More Sing


Greetings:               When Adolf Hitler sought to placate Austrian minister Kurt Von Schuschnigg by complimenting and praising him publicly, a disgusted Winston Churchill muttered, “When a snake wants to eat his victims he first covers them with saliva.”             Does this approach seem eerily similar? We who are followers of Christ are met daily… Read More Wolve’s