Sure of Nothing



            A man named G. Campbell Morgan had grown up in a Christian home; growing up he’d never questioned the bible as the Word of God. But in college, his faith was severely challenged, and he began to entertain doubts. “The whole intellectual’s world was under the mastery of the physical scientists,” he later said, “and of materialistic and rationalistic philosophy. Darwin, Huxley, Tyndall, Spencer, Bain. There came a moment when I was sure of nothing.”

            This world has an abundance of unsure ness these days. Is it because of science, modern thinking, evolution, or a combination of everything anti-God that has the world in confusion?  Is it because society says Believing in God isn’t popular, nor is it realistic in their view.  God gets in the way of progress, stifles initiative, and should be relegated to the ancient history section of the library we’re told.

            That is the progressive thinking person of today, advocating it’s mans way of reasoning, not Gods way that is reasonable. Mans way is more complex and intricate, designed without God in mind. God’s is simple, straightforward, and flawless, with man as the centerpiece of his design. Man’s way is full of problems, so we create more details to cover the inadequacies behind flawed thinking.                

            We live in a world designed by an unseen force that drives us constantly to become a better society, but we refute its existence. Are we fools, or are we practical? Are we better for our independence from the God, man relationship, or are we destroying ourselves for spite? Has the world outgrown god, have we become so intelligent, we no longer need God.    

            If that’s the case, why can’t we stop hunger, wars, poverty, pollution, violence, and all the other social ills from degradation on daily scale? They become worst because we become more independent of God everyday. Everyday, more and more children are taught to not believe in god, but to reject the teachings of the bible. When the people of this world believe in nothing, they will be sure of nothing, that’ the goal of Satan.


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