When Adolf Hitler sought to placate Austrian minister Kurt Von Schuschnigg by complimenting and praising him publicly, a disgusted Winston Churchill muttered, “When a snake wants to eat his victims he first covers them with saliva.”

            Does this approach seem eerily similar? We who are followers of Christ are met daily by those that use the strategy the bible calls, “Wolves in sheep’s clothing.” Wear a smile, be gracious, compliments by the buckets full, all to render you off guard and seduce one into a place you don’t want to be.          

           I was once asked, “Does someone who fits the description of a wolf, know he’s a wolf.” I use to believe most didn’t, but in the past few years, I’ve had a change of heart. A wolf knows his prey, and he’s keenly aware of his objective. Wolves prepare themselves for the fight and have a strategy for every obstacle. A wolf knows when he is in a group different from themselves and relishes the opportunity to inject discord.

            Wolves can be hard to drive away, sometimes causing huge amounts of damage before they are ultimately vanquished. The best safeguard to protecting oneself from men or women, who feel it’s their place to be their denominations prophet, is knowledge of the bible. All doctrine must begin and end with scripture, not one’s own interpretation of scripture, but actual words from the bible in contextual meaning. Only then can you expose the wolf within his or her disguise, but they’re never prepared for God’s truth.

            Snakes, or a wolves, it doesn’t matter, it’s the world against God’s people, it has always been that way. The world has an agenda, and Christ people are the target of that purpose. Christ is our Shepard, and his staff is his words that correct us, guiding us ever forward through time, to greener pastures and a safer world without wolves.


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