Light or Dark



            I stepped out on my porch this morning enjoying the early morning air; I noticed the sun isn’t rising as early as it had been. It’s a sure sign summer is drawing to a close bit by bit. Reminders are all around us in nature and many other ways the days are getting shorter. Even though the heat of the days’ hasn’t subsided, you can sense a change is on the horizon. Many children will begin school this coming week, others will follow suite the following weeks ahead, and a sure sign fall is closing in fast.

            I was also reminded of a conversation I had with a man who said God wasn’t in darkness, he was only the God of light; therefore, we only have twelve hour days. I began to ask myself question on this hypothesis; If God is only God of light, is he watching over us when we sleep? What about children getting on or off school buses in the dead of winter; can god protect them or does he have to wait for the light of day?

            Does God exist only on one side of the world and never ventures to the opposite side if it is dark? Can darkness truly be an enemy of mankind full of demons, ghost and goblins, a place where evil lives? Is darkness something we should fear and protect ourselves from its dangers because god can’t help?

            We can see where Christ created the day and the night; darkness is an iatrical part of a day. Without darkness we can’t decipher when a day begins or ends. We couldn’t count the days bringing us to the Sabbath each week. We wouldn’t be able to count the months or the years. And, we wouldn’t know who our savior truly was, because Christ said he would be in the grave for three days and three nights. It would be the only sign he would give as to his identity.

            If God is only in the light, the days becoming shorter must mean, God is with us less and less each day, but we know that isn’t true. Christ is the creator of the Universe, there’s nowhere he can’t be. He was even in the outermost darkness for three nights and rose into the light of life as a promise to us. Christ is with us always, light or dark, he is our savior.

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