A man once complained to the minister following church, “I don’t like the hymns you chose today.” “That’s okay,” came the reply. “We weren’t singing them to you.”
Singing seems to always bring out the best in most folks, even if they aren’t doing the actual singing. A song brings joy to the heart and a smile to the face. We sing in the shower, driving down the road, and in the privacy of our homes. Marilyn Penland once said, “Sing out loud in the car even, or especially, if it embarrasses your children.”
She makes the point singing is fun when it’s spontaneous and impulsive, and at the cost of embarrassing those around us.
As humans, we sing because it’s built into our spiritual DNA, and its one joy that makes us happy costing nothing but a little pride. Bad voice, good voice, no matter, we sound good to ourselves. The more private surroundings, the louder and the more vocal many of us become.
It’s said, “God loves a joyful noise.” In many instances, one might make the case, it’s just that, noise. God loves our attempts to sing, especially when it’s to him. It’s also said, the universe is designed in tune to musical harmonics. If that is true, God surly does love beautiful music. The angels sang at the creation of the universe, they sing around the throne of God at his glory and magnificence. We are told to sing to one another with joy in our hearts and the lord in our thoughts; we worship God through these actions. We may not carry the best tunes, we may sound like two pieces of rusty metal grinding together, but we make the most wonderful music in God’s ears. Honor God next time your in your shower, in your car, or by yourself, sing loudly and unabashedly, but sing, it will make you smile.

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