Knowing Everything



In a construction company there was a foreman who always worked hard and was very conscientious, but he never received a promotion. A younger employee noticed this apparent breach of justice after working under the man for several years. He bravely asked his foreman why management treated him so unfairly in the area of advancement. The wiser and more mature foreman explained, “Many years ago I had an argument with my supervisor . . . and I won.” Winning an argument can have very grave consequences.

We all like to be right when we say something or give advice to co-workers or friends. We like to impress others with our intelligence in subject’s we’re familiar with. It makes us feel accomplished and gives us small sense of importance.

Trivia has become a huge market in the game industry because folks need to have answers to the most insignificant facts no one else has. As a culture, we spend billions of dollars every year on ways to heightened our capacities to come up with the most impressive answers at just the right moments at parties, work, or social events. We as a society are full to gills as they say, with useless facts that garner us nothing but a sense of pride.

We do this at the expense of our friendships and working relationships, because many friend and co-workers become annoyed by our seemingly know-it-all attitudes. There are only so many useless facts others are willing to put up with. We can gain a reputation of being a know-it-all and acquire the persona of someone having the black plague. No one wants to come near you in fear of being bombarded by menial facts about the mating habits of frogs.

What if all those folks who like to have it right when it comes to everyday events, or trivial facts, would put that type of energy into learning about Christ? Wouldn’t it be a wonderful blessing to have all these folks walking around teaching bible trivia to co-workers and friends?

The only problem I can imagine is; the same problems we’ve had for thousands of years. These men or women would give their interpretation of facts instead of the actual teachings of scripture. They would tell us what they thought the scriptures meant instead of what they actually say. Folks, who like to be right all the time would tell us to pay no attention to what we see or read, just listen to them.

But wait…. we already have that situation in today’s Christian world. We already have that same class of folks. They like winning the arguments with made-up facts, they enjoy being the great debaters on the side of tradition, but it makes you wonder. Like the fellow who won the argument over his boss, is it really worth trying to win, when it comes to the one who wrote the bible?

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