In 1971 John Lennon, formerly of the band called The Beatles, wrote and preformed the memorable song, Imagine. It became a number one hit selling millions of copies around the world in just a few short months. It also has become one of the 100 most preformed songs of the 20th century.

            In the song, Lennon asks the listener to imagine a world without war, without borders in countries, and without prejudice of the color of mans skin. In the song is a plea for consideration of a utopia socialistic society unfettered by materialistic possessions. Lennon envisioned a world without hunger, where murder was non-existent along with mans greed. He claimed in the song he was a dreamer, seeing in his dreams the perfect physical world.

            We are asked to imagine a world without religion, unchained by religions dogma. “Imagine there is no heaven or hell” the lyrics cry. In addition, the lyrics say, “Imagine all the people just living for the day.”  What kind of world is it, when there is no hope for tomorrow or a life beyond our physical existence? Our days as man are all but whispers of time, and our lives brief at best. If we live for the hope of eternity, we will live honorably for the day.

            I would also like for you to imagine, a world without crime, a world where you don’t need keys. Imagine a world without hunger, food for anyone willing to work for it, and supplied to those who can’t help themselves. Imagine a home for everyone, a roof over the head of the most innocent, built by the hands of neighbors, family, and friends. Imagine all nations without borders, dictators, or government corruption, where leaders are servants instead of tyrants. Imagine a world without disease, cancers, and the horrible physical death we someday suffer.

            Imagine no religion, as we know it, but imagine there is a God. Imagine knowing all the mysteries of his kingdom, an universe built purely on love.  Imagine a safe place for man, women and children, inspiring imaginations to come true. Imagine the world we dream of, we’re seeking to become real. That dream is a promise made by Christ, and will become real one-day in the not so distant future, when the real Christ returns.


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