Growing up in Texas in the 50’s and 60’s, we had plenty to do, I was rarely bored. From the time I was five years old until I left home, there were chores I had to do every day. If the work was done and I didn’t have something to do, mom would find something to occupy my time. So, I learned at an early age to avoid getting in my mothers way. As children we spent little time in the house, we were outside if it wasn’t raining, that was standard operating procedure. But that wasn’t punishment, I loved being outside. There was always plenty to explore and do on a farm as a young boy.

            There was little time to get into too much trouble, but I managed to squeeze it into my daily schedule. My misbehaving was met with quick justice and little sympathy. There were no appeals and no higher authority to stop the sure retribution coming my way.

As it was with most kids in those days, I was a multiple offender in children offences. The charges ranged from: hitting, scratching, lying, breaking things, not doing chores, including a whole list of other infractions. But in contrast to the offenses children are committing today, mine were minor.

            It seems being bored today is a whole lot different than it was in my youth. This week, three young men who claimed they were bored, decided to occupy their time by shooting a total stranger. By all accounts, there is little remorse within the three by their actions. Because of their boredom, a young man will never go home again. A young mans family will never spend another minute laughing, crying, celebrating, or enjoying one more minute with their loved one.

            The media has been at a frenzy trying to rationalize the actions of these young men, but are left with no-good explanation. Blame is being spread like peanut butter covering any and all reasoning’s in order to quail outrage. Some are trying to point the finger at cultural upbringings, but injustices can’t be undone by injustice. We, as a society can’t seem to derail our thinking when it comes to these societal issues; it seems we have few solutions.

            It’s no more complicated than the fact; we’ve taken any kind of religious structure away from the home of millions of young children. It’s been replaced with gangster rap, gangs, and an outlaw mentality. When young people get bored today, because of societal influences, they may commit murder, theft, and violence. When will this attitude change? When we have God back in the whole society, and sadly, that won’t happen until Christ returns.


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