The Enemy US



            The phrase, “I have met the enemy and he is us,” first appeared in Pogo comic strips in the 1950’s. Since then, it has been used to describe many situations humans sometimes find themselves in. We are, in many times our own worst enemy when it comes to conducting our lives. We seem to self-destruct making decisions contrary to our own good interest.

            The Church of God is no different; it’s not immune to human failings unfortunately, mainly because its composed totally by humankind.  We find the enemy behind every podium, sermon, or offhanded remark. The enemy is recognizable by slight nuances barley detectible by the outside world. Things like: hair length, dress, makeup, and jewelry makeup the physical characteristics, but it’s the little differences in our beliefs that make us ugly or stupid to one-another.

            We can’t have someone in our congregations who say Yahweh instead of Jesus, nor can we have someone who thinks it’s not okay to say amen after a prayer. We must be clones of one-another in order to understand each other and be comfortable. The enemy within our walls is ignorant and stupid and can’t have different views; they cannot be unique. If they are different they must attend somewhere where people think like them. They have their subtle differences and we have ours, and we are right and they are WRONG!

            We have met the enemy, and it has been us for a longtime. Isn’t it time to stop this looking under every chair to find a cause to rally our troops around, building armies to fight one-another? Isn’t it our job to spread the Gospel to the world, not blast away on social media about bothers we don’t like or agree with? In fact, don’t we weaken the church by our abusive words and actions?

            How will Christ respond to all of this? Will he see an enemy when he looks at us? Will Christ meet the enemy, and only then, we find ourselves on the wrong side of the battlefield. Will our resolve to be the right be greater than Christ resolve for us to be one church? Maybe it’s time we sat back and take a long look in the mirror, and see if it’s a friend or foe looking back.


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