The Eye


            The greatest storms in our world take place in the middle of the oceans, where the winds can exceed 155mph in a category 5 hurricane. The wind gust can exceed up to 25 percent higher than the sustained winds in most storms. Hurricanes like Andrew are rated at a category 5, it did incredible damage and folks in Florida are still to this day, are suffering the consequences.

            In a Category 4 hurricane, like August’s Hurricane Katrina, wind speeds range from 131 to 155 mph. Large trees are blown down, beaches suffer major erosion, and roofs, windows and doors are often blown off structures. Escape routes can be cut by floodwater’s three to five hours before the hurricane center arrives.

            The toll of like can be exceedingly great in the storms because many people won’t evacuate their property, deciding to ride out the storms. There are some folks who even have Hurricane parties; I guess it’s easier to be scared together than alone.

            In the middle of even the mightiest of these monster storms, is what is known as the eye. It is a place where total calm exist. It’s said to be peaceful and clear Sky’s, but all around is the visible wall of the storm as a constant reminder of the great danger your in. Our lives as Christians are similar to the eyes of the great storms.

            We live in the center of terrifying events, all around us is this physical world is chaos and destruction. There is war, pestilence, and horror on the nightly news. In our personal lives danger is ever looming reminder of our frail existence. But we as christians live in the eye of the storm daily; Christ is our answer getting there and staying there.

With faith in Christ we can weather most anything, even the greatest storm of all time, called satan. There is an old poem, the author is unknown, but it goes like this:

            In the center of the Whirlpool, while the waters rush around,

            There’s a space of prefect stillness, though with turmoil bound;

            All is calm, and all is quiet, scarcely e’en a sense of sound.

            So with us-despite the conflit-when in Christ His peace is found.


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