The world of technology has seen many innovations in the last twenty years. Man has advanced far past the days of typewriters, dial telephones, and tube televisions. We now live in a world where everything is instant satisfaction; where information is at your backend call, via ipod, notebook or some other newfangled gadget. Moore’s Law states, Technology doubles every eighteen months, but I believe it has accelerated to even a faster pace today.

            Other innovations occupying time and space of God’s people today is social media. Like anything else it is a useful tool used properly, it can even be enjoyable, and like many other things in life that carries a message, it can become a vehicle of destruction. Folks seem to think, what they post on this venue goes only to those whom they wish it to go, NOT TRUE! What you post goes out to the world at large, and is read by any and all.           

            When you post on Facebook a lie, derogatory term, or discuss an issue about someone without their knowledge, you’ve erred. When you become unreasonable, it then becomes fodder for the whole world to ponder about s relevance. I believe many folks use this technology to fill a need of self-importance they can’t find elsewhere. They use hateful rhetoric against others to build themselves into the go to person on social media. Perhaps Facebook should be called Hatebook. Then, you might get a better sense of what you’re logging into with a expectation of abuse and vulgar displays.

            So all you Facebook Kings and Queens out there, keeping posting, Christ is reading too. You want the world to see how intelligent you are. Christ is measuring as well, and he is evaluating for a different reason. He doesn’t care how well you write a sentence, or your sentence structure. Christ cares how you deal with your brothers and sisters in the faith. So all the social media conversations you want to have, talking about how terrible someone is in church, neighborhood, or school, might seem exciting and fun now. But when Christ returns, there will be a new social media to contend with, it’s called talking face to face. Christ will be the arbiter of conversation, both small and great and conducted in total truthfulness.

            Have a happy Yom Kippur, and God Bless.

There will be only one service broadcasted today at 2PM, http://www.hgwaco.com


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