Cold Feet

Greetings:               There are a couple of theories as to the source of the expression, “Cold-Feet,” but my favorite is; a time when soldiers were in battle, there feet were exposed to the elements, some became severely frostbitten, rendering them unable to enter into the fray. Nearly having frostbite on my feet forty years… Read More Cold Feet


Greetings:               Every year when the snow begins to collect on the mountainsides, a danger hidden to the world lurks on the crest of mountains. It sits abiding its time, waiting to unleash incredible power unequaled in the white world of winter. Avalanches kill dozens of unsuspecting people throughout the world every year with… Read More Avalanches


Greetings:               The English Bible translator, Miles Coverdale, whose version became the basis for the King James Version, listed his own Bible study techniques in the preface to his 1535 translation: It shall greatly help ye to understand the Scripture, If thou mark, Not only what is spoken or written, But of whom, And… Read More Context

Praising Christ

Greetings:               An expressive woman wandered into a liturgical service. As the pastor preached, she became so caught up in his message that she exclaimed, “Praise the Lord!” A fellow worshipper leaned over and whispered, “Excuse me, but we don’t `praise the lord` in the Lutheran church.” A man down the pew corrected him:… Read More Praising Christ