Have You Ever Wondered?



            Do you ever just sit and wonder about things? Things you just can’t figure out, like; if eighty percent of the nation is supposedly Christian, why don’t we all see things the same way? Have you ever sat and wondered about wars and why they occur? Especially, wars where both sides believe they’re the ones with divine providence on their side. Have you ever pondered why Christians are responsible for more human deaths throughout history than any other religion? Have you ever found yourself considering why folks wait until they’re deep in trouble before they call on God?

            Lately I’ve wondered why our government is called dysfunctional, when it’s operating somewhat how it’s designed to. I have wondered why one side of an argument can be obstinate, stubborn, hateful, arrogant, lazy, and pretend to be the ones on moral high ground.  I’ve contemplated the events in Congress enough to be completely confused by the utter lack of conviction on the part of some. I’ve always been amazed at the willing lack of some to stand for what they believe in, even in the face of ridicule.

            This brings me back to the church and I see many aspects within our congregations similar to what’s happening in Washington today. Some want to go the moderate route, some even more liberal leanings, but others are staunch conservatives. Have you even sat and wondered where Christ fits into all this? Christ is his own label; he recognizes no category of mans. He is the creator of the universe; it’s his law, his commandments, and his government that counts. Start there and you’ll never have to wonder where you stand in Christ eyes, or his government. Mans ways will always make you wonder, Christ way is perfect.


We’re back from the Feast of Tabernacles, we had a wonderful time with God’s people. Now, we are back to our regular schedule; so, don’t miss the bible study tonight at 7PM.

Watch live at http://www.hgwaco.com


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