Time Never Forgets



            In the desert just outside of CairoEgypt, in an area called Giza, stand the ancient pyramids. Rising from the desert floor like giant sentinels forever guarding a land the world has all but passed by. As the years grind slowly away, the pyramids remain as a reminder of a great people and miraculous events that shaped the very paths of man. The pyramids were there when the wonders of Christ were burnt into the hearts and minds of Israel in the dessert.

            The pyramids stand witnessing to us these last days that we are not the first progenitors of a great knowledge. Even with all the wonderful technological advances we create, we can’t even figure out how the builders of the pyramids accomplished such feats; we may only speculate.

            Time has been cruel to this massive statuary eating away at their very existence, but yet they stand, day in and day out, never yielding withstanding times cruel beatings.

Just as the pyramids crumble away, the world knows their destruction is eventually going to come. Time will win in the end, because time is the certain, and a constant pernicious enemy.

            I watched a special on TV the other night on the destruction of old buildings in our inner cities, it took months sometimes years to build the structures. Buildings that were the best and most advanced of their day, took only seconds to level them to the ground. With one great blast of energy, room was made for a newer building or parking garage. Time soon forgets the majestic old building that once stood in spots now occupied by glass and glitter.

            Time affects everything, even Christ church. It takes an enormous amount of time to teach and to help one person understand the truth of Christ. It takes time to build an organization doing the work in a sufficient way as to reach as many people possible. Unfortunately it takes very little time to destroy what Christ built and what Christ taught for centuries; it takes precious little time to confuse and scatter the flock of Jesus Christ. Paul said in Acts 20:29, wolves would come among doing just that, they would pervert the very truth of Christ. Ironically, it even takes time to create a wolf, but over time a person’s façade melts away and the real person appears.

           Most all come into the church with good intents with the goal of learning as much about the truth of Christ as possible. We strive to gain knowledge, we want what few others are given the privilege to have, truth. One day, our eyes are opened, we’re granted the very thing we seek. Times passes, years go by, truth and knowledge affects us, it affects us all in one-way or another, no one is immune to truth or times effects.

            Like the pyramids, we stand as testaments to Gods truth and way. Christ created us for his purpose and our existence calls on the world to take notice, we aren’t going away. Even time has no affect on God’s people, we’re here for an eternity, for a reason, and the world can’t figure out why.


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