There is a story that goes something like this. A sailor, shipwrecked on a south sea island, was seized by the natives, carried, shoulder-high to a rude throne and proclaimed king. He learned that according to custom a king ruled for a year. The idea appealed to the sailor until he began to wonder what had befallen previous kings. He learned that when a king’s reign ended, he was banished to a lonely island where he starved. Knowing he had the power of kingship for a year, the sailor began issuing orders. Carpenters were to make boats. Farmers were to go ahead to the island and plant crops. Builders were to erect a sturdy home. When his reign finished, he was exiled, not to a barren isle, but to a paradise of plenty.

            We are that king for a year here on earth. We can choose one of two courses during our short stay. We can live like there is no tomorrow, or we can prepare ourselves spiritually for a time ahead when we will leave this world and enter the kingdom of God. Much work had to be done to secure a place of security for the king, and so it is with us. We can’t be lazy enjoying what we’ve been given by God; we must be vigilant ensuring our place.

            Where and when does it start, you may be asking? It starts today, especially if you just shipwrecked in life. It begins where you are right now and whether you know it or not, you’re preparing for a throne. Now you have a short time before you, what will you do?


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