Praising Christ



            An expressive woman wandered into a liturgical service. As the pastor preached, she became so caught up in his message that she exclaimed, “Praise the Lord!” A fellow worshipper leaned over and whispered, “Excuse me, but we don’t `praise the lord` in the Lutheran church.” A man down the pew corrected him: “Yes we do; it’s on page 19.”

            To praise someone or something according to Webster’s dictionary means to, speak of approval or admiration || to glorify God. This description almost seems too simplistic when put into context of praising Christ. All Christ has performed, and has created for mans sake and we simply glorify him. Please don’t get me wrong, it’s important we glorify Christ, but isn’t Christ worthy of much more from us?        

            Are we in danger of becoming like the church illustrated above where we don’t praise Christ except in hymnals? Shouting out in services can be disruptive; no one is disputing that. How about our private lives, do we hide our emotions towards Christ? Are we afraid to acknowledge our belief, our love for Christ and the way we believe in him? I’m not completely sure how worship will be done in the Kingdom of Christ, but I am fairly sure it will be unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. I’m quit sure, praising Christ will be 100 percent emotion, love and commitment, and one would be totally drained from such an experience.

            Pounding on drums, guitars and clanging cymbals seems to be the answer for some churches; it fills the void left by, so called dry, mundane services. The music is loud and shakes the rafters, adrenaline driven emotions makes for an exuberating experience, driving the notion it’s somehow pleasing to Christ? In the example of Elijah, he searches for God in thundering noise, earthquakes and great winds, but only hears him in the small, quiet breeze. Is Christ more present and approving the louder and more expressive we are? Or can he more likely be found in the quiet wind, whispering continually, “If you really love me and want to praise me, Keep My Commandments!


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