Every year when the snow begins to collect on the mountainsides, a danger hidden to the world lurks on the crest of mountains. It sits abiding its time, waiting to unleash incredible power unequaled in the white world of winter. Avalanches kill dozens of unsuspecting people throughout the world every year with little or no warning.

            It begins with a slight vibration, echo or a trickle of snow that loosens larger amounts, quickly becoming a tidal wave of thousands of tons of snow; on its way to deliver its death and destruction. Nothing can stand in its path, it has no mercy nor can it care about homes, cars, and buildings in its path. Consuming everything in its path, it stops only when nothing is left moving, and its energy is expended.      

            Most of us will never experience an avalanche or even the threat of one. But most of us will encounter problems in our lives and they too, can be overwhelming. Like an avalanche beginning with a trickle and ending in devastation, problems and seem wildly out of control. They start out small mounting with each wrong turn and with little hindrance from outside or guidance.

            The only way to avoid an avalanche is direct intervention by breaking loose the built-up snow. Blasting away ridges of ice and snow from perches overlooking paths of opportunity create a safe release before they become a danger. Early discovery of problems is essential to avoiding the smothering effects of long-term devastation in ones life. The power we can use for intervention is Christ and his teachings; they are our paths of opportunities to safety. Problems are the neglect of life, adding Christ is the only means of everlasting security.


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