Mud People



            The author, “Charles Allen” once wrote. One difference between a sheep and a hog is that, when a sheep falls into a mud-hole, it is uncomfortable and struggle to get out. When a hog falls into a mud-hole, he wallows in it and enjoys it.

            Life is full of mud-holes, and quite frequently we find ourselves in one; the question then becomes are we sheep or hogs? Do we enjoy where we’ve landed or do we struggle to rise above our misfortune? If we’re use to mud-holes, perhaps we don’t realize what a wonderful world there is outside of the slushy, gooey, sticky mess. Perhaps normal has become the mud-hole for many, and like the hog are content to live their life in the wallow.

            Hogs are unclean in so many ways. God made them into garbage disposals; they eat discarded trash and help clean our environment and were never meant to be eaten. On the other hand, sheep were created clean and beneficial in wool and meat. Humans seem to want to gorge on the unclean and totally disregard the good in front of them. But, like the hog, mud is becoming increasingly more and more appealing to many, both in food and life.

            Why obey the bible, because if you do, it means you have to leave the mud-hole. It means you’ve become uncomfortable with insertions the law is done away with, and the God of the Old Testament is irrelevant.  It means all sixty-six books are relevant to our lives today. It means the Father matters and the Son. It means, religion is more than just mans traditions, and the focus turns back to Christ.

            The book of Enoch is mentioned several times in the bible, and he says there is a class of angels that call man mud-people. Is it because were mad from dirt like Adam, or because we like to wallow in mud? May be, its both, and maybe Christ needs to return before the mud consumes the human race.


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