Diamonds And Gold



            Two of the rarest minerals found on earth are at each ends of the spectrum in regards to hardest. Diamonds are the hardest known mineral and gold is on the softer side of all known minerals. Diamonds are formed by enormous amounts of pressure and heat over many years concentrated upon carbon deposits. Gold is said to come from the stars, because scientist can’t see a natural way it which it’s formed here on earth.                    

            These elements are vigorously sought after and highly desired. Owning large sums of both would classify a person wealthy by any standard. Empires, Nations, and Kingdoms have fought to possess both for thousands of years. Millions of lives have been lost in pursuit of these minerals. Great sorrow for many has unwittingly been imposed on them in the pursuit of nations to gain them.            

            The process of creating diamonds is similar to the creation of Christians. One must be subjected to enormous amounts of pressure from the outside world bearing down daily ensuring true quality. The pressure creates an unbreakable but brilliant exterior and beauty unlike any other mineral. A diamond must be shaped and carved to create the perfect stone.

            Gold is synonymous with Christians as well; its capacity to be malleable makes it useful for many things. It doesn’t corrode like many other metals and preserves its brilliant color. Gold melts at a lower temperature but the heat refines the gold becoming more pure with each refining.

            We as Christians must be rare, brilliant, hard, soft, shaped, able to bend, and refined to the purest form. The world’s pressure shapes us, and one day perhaps we will be back among the stars.

Christ is looking for the rare in man, not common, everyday character. He is searching for those who hard concerning his doctrine but soft in his mercy; is that someone you?


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