A Crumbling House



            Suppose the walls of your house were shacking with age, the roofs above you were trembling, and the house (now worn out and wearied) was threatening to immediately collapse? Would you not leave with all haste? Look the world is changing and passing away! It testifies to its ruin now-not by its age-but by the end of things. (Cyprian 250AD)

            1750 years ago early Christians feared the end was approaching quickly upon them. The early church was persecuted for their beliefs as Christians and accused of all kinds of crimes ranging from incest to cannibalism. They were thrown to the lions, beheaded, and executed in all sorts of gruesome manners. With all the demonizing, persecutions, and creating of martyrs, a strange thing occurred. The Christian beliefs grew more rapidly in the face of death.

            If the end looked very near in their day, how much closer is it with all that is occurring in our time? With destruction on an unbelievably massive scale; unlike any other time in recorded history. We see wars, rumors of wars, pestilence and disease in an unprecedented volume. The world is crumbling before our eyes, not unlike the house in the quote above. And what are we worried about as a nation; what does Hollywood think?

            Perhaps the death of our culture will bring back the vigor for many who finally may look at the truth like the early Christians. Perhaps there will be a renewed awakening towards a desire to be what Christ always wanted us to be. The belief the end of the age is near, perhaps will be the driving force for some to open their eyes and accept the will of Christ, perhaps!


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