My truth, your truth, who’s truth, is real? Is truth the cosmic ball that never sits in a stationary position for any amount of time?   Is time a factor in determining truth; does truth differ two-thousand years ago from truth today? Is truth more relevant for the poor and under advantaged, and does the rich, and more affluent have an unmentionable right to define truth? These are questions that plague the mere mentioning of truth; so, who’s truth matters?   

            We know the highest leaders of our nation lie, and the old clichés about politicians lying isn’t just fables, it seems, they do lie. Why should we fall for their deceptions, elections, after elections, but we do! Do we as humans inherently trust in promises, or is there something more sinister at work in the human nature? Is it a real truth, folks will vote themselves more government benefits, no matter the person?       It may be the way of the world today; the truth in our culture which gives us a different definition of what, “is” is. Does it matter, words are created to convey specific meanings, and instead the hazing over of one mere word, becomes a monumental deception.

            Has truth of Christ traveled the same crooked road the world has been on for so long? Has religious guides been dazzled by the same graft as our worldly leaders? Has truth been substituted for more promises as long as they preach the desire of their constituency?

            Are we that gullible to accept in our minds someone else’s version of truth, while our eyes see something different and our ears hear clearly the reverse? Obviously so, just as in our government, its been working well for the established religions of today.

It takes courage to look at real truth, but it takes conviction to believe what you see; maybe next time you read your bible, you’ll see the real Christ!


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