The Crippled Goose



            Once on a beautiful spring day a young couple was walking in a park by a clear shimmering lake. As they meandered around the edge of the water, they noticed a crippled goose on the bank. Its wing was broken from a shotgun pellet and couldn’t fly. The young couple felt sorry for the goose and decided to attempt a rescue. They managed to corner the bird between the both of them, and while the young man held the goose, the young lady went for the car.

            After a while they managed to get the bird into the trunk of the car fearing to put it in the front, because the goose may start thrashing and cause an accident. They arrived at the animal shelter feeling pretty good; they proceeded to take the goose into the building. They began to tell the person at the counter of their rescue of the goose and wanted to know where to leave the large bird.

            The counter person asked the young couple for their permits. Stunned, the young couple replied, “they had no permits.” They inquired about why they would need any kind of permits to rescue a goose. The counter person told the couple; they needed an environmental permit for capturing wild animals. They needed a permit for transporting such animals. They needed paperwork showing legal ownership of the bird, and last of all; they needed a background check to see if they owned any guns. Because, if they owned a shotgun, it might have been them that caused the birds’ injuries to begin with, then there would be fines and confiscation of guns to deal with.

            The young couple beside themselves managed to convince the counter person to let them leave with the bird, promising to take care of it some other way. As the evening came to a close, the couple finished their supper and reminisced a while over their day.

The young man said to the young woman, “ I’m going to check one more time before we go to bed, just to make sure I didn’t leave any feathers on the ground in case someone checks on us.” The young lady replied back, “Yes, and I’m going to put the leftover goose in the refrigerator for tomorrow.”

            This is a fictional story made-up by my imagination. You didn’t know that. There is more truth in this story then you may realize. If it isn’t this bad in your community now, just wait, it will be. Hope your turkey is legal this Thanksgiving; if not, eat it anyway and bury the evidence.

Pray Christ kingdom comes soon and restore some sanity back into this nation.


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