Thanksgiving 2013


This is a special time of year when thanks are offered for the graciousness of our creator. It’s a special gesture of love directed at our personal God and the blessing we’ve received throughout the year. It’s a demonstration of our Christian roots as a collective nation amid an avalanche of anti-God rhetoric. The day begins with cooking the mea afterwards, the meal’s set, all the family and friends finally arrive, its then time to give thanks to God.
The outpouring of prayers of thanks will unequal the gravy slathered across the dinner table in an unholy rush of this yearly feast in so many homes. Cheap turkeys, rolls, and accouterments make for fine dining irregardless your beliefs. Governments become the main beneficiary in many homes this time of year, and the local food bank has taken on the roll of the divine spirit, dolling out fishes and bread. It’s time to give thanks, but some confusion may be extant of whose providence is extending its hand over what’s been so generously given them. Checking the dictionary for the word God, it isn’t described as federal and local government; but sadly, it’s the roll it plays in many homes in our current environment.
The Macy’s parade will be no match against the onslaught of charities on TV begging for money to help feed the poor. Displaying images of emaciated children, dogs, cats, and any other humans or animals capable of tearing at our heart-strings will comprise an endless chorus of ads shown. They will compete for your time and money on this day set aside for giving thanks for blessings received. We shouldn’t forget the less fortunate in our society, but neither should we be made to be felt guilty of our blessings.
TV, WILL BE KING, and football will be the highlight of the day. Your favorite team wins, it’s been a great Thanksgiving, if it loses, the meal was great but the rest of the day was dreadful. Some will cope with too much to drink a dare the road putting life and limb in danger, not to mention a possible run-in with the local police.
From the time we give thanks for our meal until the sun sets, Christ is slowly pushed to the back of our minds. We walk into the home, joining family and friends asking Christ presence, when it’s over Christ is nowhere to be found. This Thanksgiving, keep Christ in your home the whole day, the blessing you’ll receive from His presence will astound you. Man’s blessings may save you for a short while, but God’s are for an eternity. Be safe and watchful, and have a good Thanksgiving, Christ Bless you.


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