My parents were sticklers about us being polite to our elders and grown-ups. A proper amount of respect towards adults was always demanded from us children, there was no such thing as talking back or disrespect. Please and thank you was the beginning and end of nearly all our conversations, nothing less was expected in our home, school, and any other place we might find ourselves. So, in the spirit of my up-bringing I thought I would attempt an exercise in politeness towards my government.

            Would you please tell me why it’s a good idea to control every aspect of everyone’s life, and thank you? To be as polite as I possibly can; I must say, I don’t want to participate. I know you think you care, but it’s not necessary for you to know everything about me; so, please leave me and every other law abiding citizen alone, thank you.

            Please, quit taxing beyond our abilities to pay. I ‘m confident you’re in dyer need of more revenue, but you have everything we’ve got and you keep spending more and more. You expect us to tighten our belts and contribute, but when will it be your turn to cut your budgets and live on almost nothing? We would be grateful for your participation in this matter, thank you.

            Please don’t ask me to accept the murders of unborn babies; it makes me sick to think of how many children have perished at the foot of the god of promiscuity. I know you believe it’s just an unwanted thing unexpectedly produced from a night of guiltless pleasure, but it greatly bothers many of us because we view life begins at conception, thank you.

            Please, let us worship the way we have always worshiped, I’m certain it’s not any of your concern as to why we feel one way or another based on our view of the bible. Thanks for your version, but I have already decided what’s true and what’s not,

without the help of any regulatory body or foreign nation, thank you.

            Thank you, for listening to these few words of protest, please feel free to abide by any of these suggestion, and one more thing. Could some of you sit down and for once earnestly read the constitution of the United   States? I think you might find it very useful when in the future you decide to get a little pushy, like you have been lately. Please take this in the spirit it was given and remember, it’s “We the People,” and if there is any adults in Washington, would one of them please read this to Congress, and the President, Thank You!


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