Morning Sun

Up and early as thee early morning sun rises.

How amazing as light slowly creeps across the sky

Beginning fist with shinning slivers of light,

unfolding beauty into a day so bright.

Its light is blinding and grows so bright

Lights beauty’s awesome as it chases away the night.


Whips of clouds bathed by changing colors

The canvas dances to the eyes desire.

My eyes keep searching for the perfect sight.

But my heart is content upon the perfect light.


When The Heart Stops Beating



            They say when the heart stops, that person is clinically dead. When the heart stops loving, are they dead? When the heart gradually stops caring, are they dying? When the heart slowly stops hoping, has death crept into the lives of man?

            In Proverbs 4:23, it says: “Keep thy heart with all diligence, for out of it are all the issues of life.” Out of the heart comes evil, hate, selfish-ambitions, drunkenness, revelries, contriving, lusting, greed, boastings, pride, envy’s and all other manners of sin. These are the things that lead to death; death of a man and death of a nation.

            The things that keep the spiritual heart beating are: Love, long-suffering, caring, joy, peace, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, and self-control. These are signs of a healthy being, which can look forward to a long life. Morality is the life blood of a nation, it is the fluid that supplies the necessary nutrients required to maintain a healthy body. Without morality, life gradually slips away.

When our heart stops beating as a nation, when it stops its rhythmic pumping of morality, we will be clinically dead as a nation. There will be no more signs of life in our national limbs. No more detectable sounds of hope; not a hint of prayer.

            Our nation is sick. It’s sinking quickly into a coma of despair, if something isn’t done soon, it may become too late. Viruses invading our system of laws contain copious amounts of regulations and edicts. No medicines will cure the ills of our society, only a transfusion of life-giving morality. Where do we look for such a cure; we look to its creator, Jesus Christ. He is the healer of our woes. Christ is the physician with the right medicine, and the right amount of doses, but we’ll never be the same nation.

We’ve been made weaker from the lack of life-giving morality, even if we’re cured tomorrow, a whole generations will suffer from our neglect of the body of this nation.

            When the heart of a nation stops; can it be revived? Yes, with the power of Christ.

But, is it too late? We’ll soon see. Have a wonderful Sabbath!


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Day Off



            I hope this greeting finds one and all healthy and in good spirits. Each year on this day, we as Christ disciples are faced with a dilemma. Because we don’t celebrate Christmas, we don’t believe it’s the true birth-date of Jesus; we’re left with nowhere to go, and nothing to watch on TV.

            It’s a great time to sleep-in or do home projects providing you bought what you need yesterday. If you go out to eat, you may be relegated to Chinese restaurants, because they are the only ones open on December 25Th.  But you may be surprised by the menu, the one Christmas Day I found myself in one, they served turkey with the traditional items.

           You could take you’re family to the park for a picnic, providing the weather cooperates. Maybe you could go fishing, or hunting, anything outdoors with your family (weather providing). You could play football with the family or just watch one of the many games on TV. Perhaps today would be a great time to clean out your storage building or the attic that’s been collecting clutter for ages.

            We find ourselves once more with a day off and nothing to do, and nowhere to go. Maybe what we could do is break out the bible, look closely at all the scriptures. View this time of year though the eyes of someone who lived in Jerusalem two-thousand years ago. Western thinking minds, can’t grasp the nuances of that time and place, we inject our culture and thinking into a foreign land, creating a factitious reality.

            But we have the day off, what is there to do?


Are We Safe?



            Are we safe? Are we safe from the outlaw element in our world today? Are we safe from rogue nation’s intent upon our destruction? Are we safe on the highways from those that may be intoxicated? Are we safe from the common thug on the street who might hit you with all his force just to see if he can knock you out? Are we safe from scams, deceit, hate, theft, even murder? Are we safe from our own government; it agency’s and regulatory bodies?

            Safe is a relevant term hinging on variable particulars at any given moment. One might be safe if there is a policeman just around the corner at the time of a home-invasion.

Safe might apply if the drunkard is stopped prior to colliding into a car of innocent people.

Safe could be the quick intervention by any of several security agencies before harm can occur to someone.

            We’re granted the right of self-defense to secure our own safety at times when the police officer isn’t the next block over. We have the right to defend our homes and the lives of our families from deadly harm or loss of property. We are granted these rights by the same government that wants to knock down doors without warrants, and listen to phone conversations with no prior permissions. A government with regulatory bodies more intent on suppressing the people than anything illegal occurring outside its borders.

            Are we safe? NO, we’re not! Man has never been safe from other men or other governments. The responsibility for safety has always fallen on those who’ve become oppressed or those threatened. The only time real safety will ever occur in this world will be when Christ is our ruler on earth; I personally, look forward to His return.


Slow Growth



            It’s said; One of John F. Kennedy’s favorite stories concerned French general Louis Lyautey. After World War I, the general asked his gardener to plant an oak tree in a particular part of his estate. The gardener noted that the tree the general had chosen was slow-growing and wouldn’t reach maturity for nearly a century. The general replied, in that case, there is no time to lose. Plant it this afternoon.”

            Most things we do in life don’t take a century to happen or mature; and in times past, everyone wanted to see results of their labors, even if it takes a while for them to come about. Yet, it seems we live in a world where instant gratification rules over many especially in the younger generations. It’s a fast pace world and lets face it, we old –fogies can’t keep up any longer.

            Technology is youth friendly and seems to have it in for the older generations. My smart phone is a constant source of irritation. It does things I don’t want it to do, and doesn’t do the things I need done. When the phone rings, it takes me several seconds to figure out how to answer the smart thing, (notice, I didn’t say, “dumb thing”). Many times, my ear shuts of the phone in the middle of conversations it’s so sensitive to touch.

            Technology has made some things better, everyone aggress, but simpler it seems was more reliable and we weren’t slaves to our devices. They had a purpose of there own and couldn’t talk or sync with one-another. One day we’ll come home and the whole kitchen will be in rebellion or on strike for better working conditions. Our autos, computers, laptops, Ipads, nooks, kindles, home-theaters, may all join in on the uprising.

            The only thing technology doesn’t seem to care about too much religion. Yes, there are computer bibles and simple things like that, but it stops there. There isn’t the newest best inter-active bible game that has everyone excited; only the blood and guts games receive that kind of attention. One might argue, that’s a good thing, maybe when it comes to Christ, we need him to grow slow, long, and deep into our lives, but we need to start today.


The Right Question



            Most folks who know me personally also know I’m a Sabbath keeper, (Saturday.) In addition; they know I don’t eat pork and other unclean foods condemned by scripture. We keep the Holy Days that are listed in Leviticus 23 which were given to man by God, instead of the holidays of mans creation. After initial conversations with my friends and family, they come to understand, I’m not Jewish or 7th day Adventists. It’s sometimes hard to explain who we are because most folk are looking for titles to put on beliefs.

            A man recently came into our congregation for a visit; since we have an open-door policy, the man was welcomed to worship with us. We found-out in short order; he was from a Protestant group and had made it his mission to challenge our beliefs. The visitors first question to us, “Why do you follow the Jews?”  His question exposed his ignorance of the history of the bible’s conception and the nation of Israel. America was built upon Judeo-Christian beliefs. The “Judeo” being first, because Christianity wouldn’t exist without the Jewish religion, or better said,” The Hebrew religion”. 

            If you believe the Bible is the inspired word of Christ, then history dictates that you follow the Jewish teachings because 90% of the bible was written by Israelites, not western scholars. Christ was a Jew; he was born a Jew and lived as a Jew, and he kept the 7th day Sabbath. His whole concept of life centered on Jewish learning, (Torah, Septuagint,) and teachings from the same books. Paul was a Benjamite; most of the other Apostles were Jewish. Nearly all the authors of the Old testaments were from one tribe or another of Israel, there is no escaping the connection or history.

            What the man was really asking was, “Why do we follow the Bible?” The answer should be obvious, but sadly, it isn’t. There comes a time in some folk’s lives where the twisting and convoluting of scripture has to stop. Questions have to be answered, and reasoning applied. “Why does the bible say one thing, yet my church preaches something entirely different?” Why do we have religious Christian traditions that have little or no basis in scripture? Christ said in John 14:15, “If you love Me, keep my commandments.” Do you know what he meant by saying this? What are the commandments of Christ? After all, Christ was Jewish, or does that make any difference at all?


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            One of the most remarkable but simple everyday items ever imagined is the common needle. Needles come in all forms, shapes, and compositions, including being gold plated. Needles have a variety of purposes, from medical to practical. The needle became an instant hit as soon as cloths became necessary and at first, needles were made of bone or wood being, but soon metal needles found their way into society.

            Needles have kept women’s hair up for centuries. They’ve been attached to jewelry, so they could be worn in a fashionable manner. They have been used to hold diapers on babies, and they’re great substitutes for buttons in emergencies. There are large and small knitting needles for making sweaters, socks, and all kinds of outer wear.

            The first modern syringe was created in 1853 but earlier methods of injecting or extracting fluids were done by using goose quills. The idea of injecting or removing fluids into the body goes all the way back to the Romans; they simply hadn’t developed the modern needle. Hypodermic needles created a whole new era of medicine. Ironically, they were created for injecting opiates, because most other injectable medicines hadn’t been discovered yet.

            Needles can be used as metaphor for someone who bothers someone else, “That guy really needles me.” Or you might find yourself walking on pens and needles one day. If you’ve lost something or looking for something, it might be, you’re looking for a needle in a haystack.

            If you are rich, it is said, it’s easier to pass thought the eye of a needle than enter the Kingdom of God (Matthew 10:24.) Some have advocated, this gate was used to allow merchants entrance into the city at night. Being a smaller door within a main door, the camel would have to stoop to enter; hence, being very difficult. There is no evidence this is the meaning of this scripture, but what is clear, there is many temptations in this world. Riches can be a great joy in this physical life but an intolerable weight concerning Christ and the Kingdom.

            No matter the needles you may encounter today, or what form they should take; remember, don’t needle anyone, and keep looking though the haystack for the rarest needle of them all, “The Truth of Christ.”


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