Morning Sun

Up and early as thee early morning sun rises. How amazing as light slowly creeps across the sky Beginning fist with shinning slivers of light, unfolding beauty into a day so bright. Its light is blinding and grows so bright Lights beauty’s awesome as it chases away the night.   Whips of clouds bathed by… Read More Morning Sun

Day Off

Greetings:               I hope this greeting finds one and all healthy and in good spirits. Each year on this day, we as Christ disciples are faced with a dilemma. Because we don’t celebrate Christmas, we don’t believe it’s the true birth-date of Jesus; we’re left with nowhere to go, and nothing to watch on… Read More Day Off

Are We Safe?

Greetings:               Are we safe? Are we safe from the outlaw element in our world today? Are we safe from rogue nation’s intent upon our destruction? Are we safe on the highways from those that may be intoxicated? Are we safe from the common thug on the street who might hit you with all… Read More Are We Safe?

Slow Growth

Greetings:               It’s said; One of John F. Kennedy’s favorite stories concerned French general Louis Lyautey. After World War I, the general asked his gardener to plant an oak tree in a particular part of his estate. The gardener noted that the tree the general had chosen was slow-growing and wouldn’t reach maturity for… Read More Slow Growth


Greetings:               One of the most remarkable but simple everyday items ever imagined is the common needle. Needles come in all forms, shapes, and compositions, including being gold plated. Needles have a variety of purposes, from medical to practical. The needle became an instant hit as soon as cloths became necessary and at first,… Read More Needles


Greetings:               One of the great pleasures of growing up in the south is ice-tea. It’s a beverage that is refreshing even on cold days, but especially in Texas in the middle of summer. It’s the ice that makes it an all time favorite; we enjoy ice in about everything in Texas. Ice is… Read More ICE