One of the great pleasures of growing up in the south is ice-tea. It’s a beverage that is refreshing even on cold days, but especially in Texas in the middle of summer. It’s the ice that makes it an all time favorite; we enjoy ice in about everything in Texas. Ice is wonderful in drinks and cooling down a watermelon, even making homemade ice-cream; something most kids today will never enjoy.

            Ice is cold, very cold, and extremely cold when it comes with old-man-winters furry. It’s a true Texans nightmare when the weather forecast is predicting ice and snow. We prefer our hot over the ice, unless of course it’s in a glass jar of tea or surrounding a six-pack of cold beer. We’re as handicapped in ice as a three-legged goat and don’t enjoy getting out in it at all. We don’t like it hanging off our power lines; it can cause the power to shut off and there goes the heat, (Texans friend.)            

            I hear folks say, “ice is pretty;” I think it’s pretty as well. It’s pretty cold, pretty slick, pretty hard to drive on, and pretty hard to stay warm in. It’s pretty hard to work in, go to school in, and it’s pretty hard to make a snowball out of it because it hurts if you get hit by an ice ball.

            Ice can be found in other places as well; icy stares, nerves of ice, ice running through their veins, are just a few. The worst place ice can be found is in the heart. Our nation seems to have an over-abundance of icy-hearts in this day and time. Icy hearts give rise to displaced compassion and keep people from fulfilling their full potential. An icy heart can be as dangerous as a full-blown winter storm, just as cold, justice slick, just as reckless. An icy heart rejects everything from its slick surface, avoiding anything and everything that could adhere to the heart in a positive way.

            Jesus Christ is the heat we need to melt any ice found in our hearts or veins. Without Christ in us we are all subject at times to incur the ice we all fear, the ice that causes us to not be able to see the real Jesus Christ in this world. The question today is, has the ice covered your heart to the point where you can no longer see?


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