One of the most remarkable but simple everyday items ever imagined is the common needle. Needles come in all forms, shapes, and compositions, including being gold plated. Needles have a variety of purposes, from medical to practical. The needle became an instant hit as soon as cloths became necessary and at first, needles were made of bone or wood being, but soon metal needles found their way into society.

            Needles have kept women’s hair up for centuries. They’ve been attached to jewelry, so they could be worn in a fashionable manner. They have been used to hold diapers on babies, and they’re great substitutes for buttons in emergencies. There are large and small knitting needles for making sweaters, socks, and all kinds of outer wear.

            The first modern syringe was created in 1853 but earlier methods of injecting or extracting fluids were done by using goose quills. The idea of injecting or removing fluids into the body goes all the way back to the Romans; they simply hadn’t developed the modern needle. Hypodermic needles created a whole new era of medicine. Ironically, they were created for injecting opiates, because most other injectable medicines hadn’t been discovered yet.

            Needles can be used as metaphor for someone who bothers someone else, “That guy really needles me.” Or you might find yourself walking on pens and needles one day. If you’ve lost something or looking for something, it might be, you’re looking for a needle in a haystack.

            If you are rich, it is said, it’s easier to pass thought the eye of a needle than enter the Kingdom of God (Matthew 10:24.) Some have advocated, this gate was used to allow merchants entrance into the city at night. Being a smaller door within a main door, the camel would have to stoop to enter; hence, being very difficult. There is no evidence this is the meaning of this scripture, but what is clear, there is many temptations in this world. Riches can be a great joy in this physical life but an intolerable weight concerning Christ and the Kingdom.

            No matter the needles you may encounter today, or what form they should take; remember, don’t needle anyone, and keep looking though the haystack for the rarest needle of them all, “The Truth of Christ.”


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