The Right Question



            Most folks who know me personally also know I’m a Sabbath keeper, (Saturday.) In addition; they know I don’t eat pork and other unclean foods condemned by scripture. We keep the Holy Days that are listed in Leviticus 23 which were given to man by God, instead of the holidays of mans creation. After initial conversations with my friends and family, they come to understand, I’m not Jewish or 7th day Adventists. It’s sometimes hard to explain who we are because most folk are looking for titles to put on beliefs.

            A man recently came into our congregation for a visit; since we have an open-door policy, the man was welcomed to worship with us. We found-out in short order; he was from a Protestant group and had made it his mission to challenge our beliefs. The visitors first question to us, “Why do you follow the Jews?”  His question exposed his ignorance of the history of the bible’s conception and the nation of Israel. America was built upon Judeo-Christian beliefs. The “Judeo” being first, because Christianity wouldn’t exist without the Jewish religion, or better said,” The Hebrew religion”. 

            If you believe the Bible is the inspired word of Christ, then history dictates that you follow the Jewish teachings because 90% of the bible was written by Israelites, not western scholars. Christ was a Jew; he was born a Jew and lived as a Jew, and he kept the 7th day Sabbath. His whole concept of life centered on Jewish learning, (Torah, Septuagint,) and teachings from the same books. Paul was a Benjamite; most of the other Apostles were Jewish. Nearly all the authors of the Old testaments were from one tribe or another of Israel, there is no escaping the connection or history.

            What the man was really asking was, “Why do we follow the Bible?” The answer should be obvious, but sadly, it isn’t. There comes a time in some folk’s lives where the twisting and convoluting of scripture has to stop. Questions have to be answered, and reasoning applied. “Why does the bible say one thing, yet my church preaches something entirely different?” Why do we have religious Christian traditions that have little or no basis in scripture? Christ said in John 14:15, “If you love Me, keep my commandments.” Do you know what he meant by saying this? What are the commandments of Christ? After all, Christ was Jewish, or does that make any difference at all?


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