Slow Growth



            It’s said; One of John F. Kennedy’s favorite stories concerned French general Louis Lyautey. After World War I, the general asked his gardener to plant an oak tree in a particular part of his estate. The gardener noted that the tree the general had chosen was slow-growing and wouldn’t reach maturity for nearly a century. The general replied, in that case, there is no time to lose. Plant it this afternoon.”

            Most things we do in life don’t take a century to happen or mature; and in times past, everyone wanted to see results of their labors, even if it takes a while for them to come about. Yet, it seems we live in a world where instant gratification rules over many especially in the younger generations. It’s a fast pace world and lets face it, we old –fogies can’t keep up any longer.

            Technology is youth friendly and seems to have it in for the older generations. My smart phone is a constant source of irritation. It does things I don’t want it to do, and doesn’t do the things I need done. When the phone rings, it takes me several seconds to figure out how to answer the smart thing, (notice, I didn’t say, “dumb thing”). Many times, my ear shuts of the phone in the middle of conversations it’s so sensitive to touch.

            Technology has made some things better, everyone aggress, but simpler it seems was more reliable and we weren’t slaves to our devices. They had a purpose of there own and couldn’t talk or sync with one-another. One day we’ll come home and the whole kitchen will be in rebellion or on strike for better working conditions. Our autos, computers, laptops, Ipads, nooks, kindles, home-theaters, may all join in on the uprising.

            The only thing technology doesn’t seem to care about too much religion. Yes, there are computer bibles and simple things like that, but it stops there. There isn’t the newest best inter-active bible game that has everyone excited; only the blood and guts games receive that kind of attention. One might argue, that’s a good thing, maybe when it comes to Christ, we need him to grow slow, long, and deep into our lives, but we need to start today.


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