Are We Safe?



            Are we safe? Are we safe from the outlaw element in our world today? Are we safe from rogue nation’s intent upon our destruction? Are we safe on the highways from those that may be intoxicated? Are we safe from the common thug on the street who might hit you with all his force just to see if he can knock you out? Are we safe from scams, deceit, hate, theft, even murder? Are we safe from our own government; it agency’s and regulatory bodies?

            Safe is a relevant term hinging on variable particulars at any given moment. One might be safe if there is a policeman just around the corner at the time of a home-invasion.

Safe might apply if the drunkard is stopped prior to colliding into a car of innocent people.

Safe could be the quick intervention by any of several security agencies before harm can occur to someone.

            We’re granted the right of self-defense to secure our own safety at times when the police officer isn’t the next block over. We have the right to defend our homes and the lives of our families from deadly harm or loss of property. We are granted these rights by the same government that wants to knock down doors without warrants, and listen to phone conversations with no prior permissions. A government with regulatory bodies more intent on suppressing the people than anything illegal occurring outside its borders.

            Are we safe? NO, we’re not! Man has never been safe from other men or other governments. The responsibility for safety has always fallen on those who’ve become oppressed or those threatened. The only time real safety will ever occur in this world will be when Christ is our ruler on earth; I personally, look forward to His return.


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