Day Off



            I hope this greeting finds one and all healthy and in good spirits. Each year on this day, we as Christ disciples are faced with a dilemma. Because we don’t celebrate Christmas, we don’t believe it’s the true birth-date of Jesus; we’re left with nowhere to go, and nothing to watch on TV.

            It’s a great time to sleep-in or do home projects providing you bought what you need yesterday. If you go out to eat, you may be relegated to Chinese restaurants, because they are the only ones open on December 25Th.  But you may be surprised by the menu, the one Christmas Day I found myself in one, they served turkey with the traditional items.

           You could take you’re family to the park for a picnic, providing the weather cooperates. Maybe you could go fishing, or hunting, anything outdoors with your family (weather providing). You could play football with the family or just watch one of the many games on TV. Perhaps today would be a great time to clean out your storage building or the attic that’s been collecting clutter for ages.

            We find ourselves once more with a day off and nothing to do, and nowhere to go. Maybe what we could do is break out the bible, look closely at all the scriptures. View this time of year though the eyes of someone who lived in Jerusalem two-thousand years ago. Western thinking minds, can’t grasp the nuances of that time and place, we inject our culture and thinking into a foreign land, creating a factitious reality.

            But we have the day off, what is there to do?