The Secret of Life



            Everyone wants to know the secret of life. By the way they all talk about it; you’d think it was as elusive as the preverbal snipe. Every day or so, you see on TV another miracle drug, device, or cream that will add years to your life. If you look seventy, after applying the cream you’ll look forty. Then use the electrical device for another ten minutes and you’ll have the shape of a twenty-year-old. Last but not least, if you take two tablets a day, you’ll feel like a teenager again, run marathons, ClimbMountains, all-the-while doing it with life-alert hanging around your neck.

            Is the secret of life food, more money, more creams, pills, and mechanical devices? Or is the secret something more tangible. No amount of creams, pills, or any other product cane save us from aging. We may look better getting there, and we may even feel better about ourselves, but we’re all heading for the same conclusion, death.  

            The secret of life is happiness. The secret of heath is found in your bible, the one place no-one thinks to look. The secrets for all our life’s conditions can be found in the pages of the bible. The joy of life isn’t a mystery and needn’t be, we make it that way. If we believed what the bible taught we wouldn’t need the other things, but who would make all that money off our fears? No one would, that’s the real secret, now you know.


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