Child of God



            A four-year-old was praying one night, having been listening at church: “And forgive us our trash-baskets as we forgive those who put trash in our baskets.”

It’s a cute story that helps us be reminded we need to always be forgiving. Sermons I’ve done in the past, I’ve reminded folks forgiveness isn’t a request from Christ; it’s an absolute and interracial part of being a Christian. Christ reminds use in Matthew 6:14 to be forgiven, one must forgive all other first.

            I have found throughout my years as a Minister, folks can easily forgive the small things, but it’s much harder for them when it’s something major. At the same time, they’re undeniably miserable because the issue haunts them at every turn. Bitterness can lead to bitter hate towards someone. It can even contribute to sickness and distress.

            Finding peace from the agonizing hate, is forgiving others, no matter the trespass, you have to let it go. No matter the hurt one suffers from another’s action, you have to make your mind let it go. Folks I’ve talked with that have done this say,” It was like lifting a giant weight off their shoulders.” That weight was Satan pressing down on your life, squashing it away with bitterness. Once you forgive, life begins anew, and you look at the world a whole lot differently.

            Christ forgave each of us; we put him on the cross because of our sins. How much more of an offense can someone do to another and still be forgiven? I know they’re those that feel as though they are justified by their bitterness, but who is all that pent up hate and hostility hurting; I suggest, only you.

            Be like the child and be the best Christian you can be, even if you don’t understand it all. Be innocent, be child like in your love for one-another, be the forgiving child of God.


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