I received a notice in the mail the other day saying our car insurance was due. It happens every month it seems we get the same notices about one bill or another. It’s common to receive a notice from someone informing us of upcoming events like, paying bills. It’s a warning something needs to happen to avoid something else, maybe worst from happening. Or it could be telling someone an agreement is about to come to an abrupt end.

            Notice could mean, you’ve noticed the hair style on your wife, or the new perfume she’s wearing. If you didn’t you may be put on notice of an abrupt end. Or your husband’s new rod and reel he didn’t inform you he was going to buy. Women may notice the barbeque pit that magically appeared in the backyard, or the new tools that keep popping up. Once again, notice is a warning something is about to happen, ambe something bad, men.

           When it comes to God, we’re all on notice. We’ve been on notice for thousands of years. Nothing has happened yet, but the notice says, it’s coming and it’s coming when certain conditions are met. We need to know what those conditions are to be completely informed of Christ coming so as to be prepared. Unlike bill paying where we often receive a second notice or even a third; we have only this one notice from Christ.

            This world has been put on final notice. Its people have been given all they need to meet the conditions of the agreement between them and Christ. It is now time for us to heed the warnings. We’ve been put on notice; Christ is coming soon under His conditions.


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