Billy Graham once wrote: several years ago I was to be interviewed at my home for a well – known television show. Knowing that it would appear on nationwide television, my wife took great pains to see that everything looked nice. She had vacuumed, dusted and tidied up the whole house and had gone over the living room with a fine- tooth comb since that was where the interview would be filmed. When the film crew arrived with all the lights and cameras, she felt that everything in the living room was spic and span. We were in place along with the interviewer when suddenly the television lights were turned on and we saw cobwebs and dust where we had never seen them before. In the words of my wife, “I mean that room was festooned with dust and cobwebs which simply did not show up under ordinary light.”

            This is a wonderful illustration of our lives. It shows, no matter how hard we try we simply aren’t going to be spiritually spic-and-span under the light of Christ’s words. His doctrine is the clarifying light of our conscience; can it bare the scrutiny of scripture? Have we done due-diligence searching for the will of Christ? Have we compromised too often with doctrine? Are we too willing to accept any explanation to avoid the reality Christ has a way for us to live and we’re not living in that way.

            It’s our duty to Christ to do all we can to fulfill our agreed upon obligations with Him. True, we can rid our lives of all the cobwebs, but we can make an extra effort to find them and make corrections. We are expected to do at least this; it’s the minimum that will be accepted by Christ.

            For too long man has obfuscated his duty to Christ, replacing it with traditions of men. It has grown so bad,

 man no longer fears Christ. Christ promise to us; he will return one day, when that day happens; how filthy will your physical house be?


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