Two Loves


It is said, there are two loves from which all good and truth come: Love to the Lord and love to the neighbor. And there are two loves from which all evils and falsities come: the love of self and the love of the world.
The love of God is the one thing we as humans desire more than anything. Even when we deny His existence we feel the need for a creator. As humans we often make things up like, “evolution” but the truth is always pressing hard against our natural instincts. The love from Christ has no bounds; it’s the axis of creation and the reason we exist.
The love of our neighbor seems harder to ignore, its in-your-face all the time, and we’re constantly reminded of the need in which many find themselves. It’s our duty to help those in need, but we’ve put neighbor above God. Loving God brings natural benefits to society; loving neighbor above God brings calamity to our culture and its eventual downfall.
The love of ourselves is the direct result of putting God at the bottom of the list. The love of the world and its shiny bright objects is an enormous distraction from God’s true purpose for man.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could shut our eyes and ignore Satan for a moment? He is behind the love of the world and self, but you’ll never convince those that are mesmerized by those bright shiny objects called man’s traditions.


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