Paths in the Sea


In the 1800’s Matthew Maury noticed the expression “paths in the sea” in Psalms 8:8 (written 3000 years ago). He said, “If God said there are paths in the sea, I am going to find them.” Muray then took God at His word and went looking for these paths, and we are indebted to his discovery of the warm and cold continental currents. His book on oceanography remains a basic text on the subject and is still used in universities. (Scientific Facts in the Bible) by: Ray Comfort.
Is it possible, we as a society have such abject disdain for God’s true word, we can’t see scripture in the same way earlier explorers did? Are we so arrogant in our belief, we‘re the superior beings on the planet, there’s nothing to learn except what comes from man’s mouth.
The bible is full of undiscovered truths; even today if you’re willing to believe the words you read, they’re new discoveries waiting to be uncovered. One mans willingness to take God at His word gave us knowledge we depend on today. If all men or women had that attitude, we would be rich with the knowledge of God in our homes and cities.
Even the simple truths are rare gems in today’s society it seems. Man stumbles over god’s word like a blind Shepard on a steep rocky path. Man doesn’t know where he’s going in scripture so he makes his own truths believing God doesn’t mind. God’s truths are His truths and man’s beliefs are mans truths. God’s truths came long before man was created and there’s nothing we know today He didn’t know before man was even a thought in His mind. God’s word is full of unseen truths, but you won’t find them through man, only searching the bible.

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