To be in cahoots with a person is said to mean you’re in some kind of shady partnership or dealings that might not be perceived to be legitimate.  The word has its origin in medieval times and comes from the word (Kajuetes), which means “little Cabins.” During the medieval times little cabins were supposedly occupied by bandits or robbers, and over time people saw these “Kajuetes or Cahoots”, as places where bad people banned together to plan their bad intentions.

            These were places where bad folks came together with like minded interest and bad designs for so many others. Many with like minds today are in cahoots to silence the Christ people and His message. Satan owns the cabins they dwell within and do their deceitful scheming. Satan gives them purpose and direction and keeps the world on message.

            Some folks say God is evil and Christians are the ones in cahoots. Perhaps we are; would that be shocking to hear? We as Christians are in cahoots with God to the total defeat of Satan and his minions. It doesn’t mean we’re evil, or god is evil. It means we have like minds and a laser like purpose to see God’s will achieved here on earth.

            I like being in the “little cabins” with Christ, some might even call it a huppa. Because that is where Christ church (Bride), will be at His return. Then we will live together for an eternity in cahoots, but good cahoots.


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